Monday, February 19

Ireland: EU Takes AstraZeneca to Court

The European Commission is indeed filing a lawsuit against vaccine maker AstraZeneca, says the Irish health minister. The committee itself still maintains that a decision on this has not yet been taken.


According to Irish minister Stephen Donnelly, the commission, which signs contracts with suppliers of corona vaccines on behalf of the EU, is taking action because AstraZeneca does not comply with the agreements. Notably, AstraZeneca’s complete failure to meet deliveries for April, May and June, Donnelly said in the Irish parliament on Thursday.

The Brussels news platform Politico already reported on Wednesday evening that legal action was imminent. But a handful of EU countries would still have doubts, including heavyweights Germany and France.

The EU’s relationship with AstraZeneca has soured because the pharmaceutical company has supplied far fewer corona vaccines than agreed for months. A procedure agreed in the contract to resolve disagreements did not bring any relief. Therefore, a majority of EU countries would want to take legal action that AstraZeneca still delivers what the British-Swedish pharmaceutical company has promised.

AstraZeneca says it is not aware of any legal action. The company “continues to hold regular consultations with the Commission and EU Member States”.

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