Tuesday, February 20

Iran Threatens to Block Nuclear Inspections in the Absence of A Breakthrough

Iran has threatened to block inspections by UN atomic agency IAEA. The State Department says a breakthrough in the United States’ conflict over Iran’s nuclear program must be made before the end of the month.


Washington and Tehran have conflicted for years over a 2015 nuclear deal. This was to prevent Iran from gaining access to nuclear weapons. The Iranians pledged to curtail their nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief from the international community.

Previous US President Donald Trump thought a bad deal had been struck. He withdrew from his country and again imposed severe punitive measures.

Current President Joe Biden wants to reverse Trump’s decision, but that takes some doing. Iran decided to no longer comply with some atomic agreement agreements because the US had again imposed sanctions.

Tehran demands that these punitive measures be dropped first. Washington wants the Iranians to take the first step and stick to the deal again.

Iran now threatens to reduce compliance with the agreement further. Agreements about UN inspectors’ access to nuclear facilities can be reconsidered, the ministry warned. That demanded that the “nuclear deal be implemented by the end of February as agreed in the treaty”.

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