Tuesday, February 27

iPhone Production Partially Resumed in Shenzhen in China

After the mandatory production stop due to a new lockdown due to the corona pandemic, Apple partner Foxconn has partially resumed work at the iPhone factory in Shenzhen, in southern China.


According to Taiwanese parent company Hon Hai, “closed circuits” were created for employees on Wednesday, including dormitories on the property. This makes it possible to resume part of the production.

After a new corona outbreak, the city council announced a one-week lockdown on Sunday. During that period, all 17 million inhabitants of the metropolis would be tested.

China was experiencing the worst coronavirus wave since the pandemic just two years ago: about 3,000 new infections were reported on Wednesday, most in Jilin province in the northeast of the country. In Shenzhen, there were 92 new local infections.

China is pursuing a zero-covid strategy, responding to local outbreaks with curfews, mass testing, traffic restrictions and quarantine.

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