Tuesday, February 27

Instagram Comes With Measures To Get A Hacked Account Back

Instagram Comes with Measures to get a Hacked account Back. Instagram tests a way to make it easier for people to return accounts if they have been hacked.


Also, it must become more difficult to take over accounts.

The process to get a hacked account back is simplified.

According to the report, this is apparent from a test among a group of users.

With the current way to get a hacked account back, users must contact the Instagram service.

For this, they have to wait for an e-mail, or they have to fill in a form online.

The new way is via the Instagram app.

A hacked user enters the e-mail address or telephone number and is then sent a six-digit number.

It enables the user to go back in his or her account, even if a malicious person has in the meantime modified account information.

Instagram also ensures that a user name cannot be changed quickly if recent changes have been made to the account.

It works, already on Android, and the feature is also rolled out on iOS.

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