India to Start Exporting Coronavirus Vaccines Again This Year

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India will resume exports of corona vaccines this year. The Asian country is the largest producer of Covid-19 vaccines worldwide but stopped sharing the resources in April due to the enormous corona outbreak among its own population.


The first doses are sent in October, November or December, while the production capacity is further increased. Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya says all vaccines not needed domestically will be exported. India prioritizes delivery to neighbouring countries and countries receiving vaccines through the Covax program.

India wants to have its own adult population vaccinated by December. 64 percent of all adults have had their first corona jab. 22 percent are fully vaccinated. The vaccination campaign is getting better and better because more vaccines are produced, and therefore more people can be vaccinated.

Since August, 200 million doses per month have been produced in India, a threefold increase from April. Next month there should be 300 million.

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