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IASME: One Of The Independent Assessment Cyber Essentials Certification Body

Are you in need of security against the ever-increasing cybercrimes? Do you intend to protect your system, software and private details from those bad guys on the internet? Secure your business information and customer details from these cyber criminals using cyber essentials.

The government introduced this cybersecurity scheme to secure online business platform from hackers and give the confidence to entrepreneurs to use online platforms more effectively. There are three levels of engagements to start with the scheme.
• First of all, make yourself familiar with the scheme and different security strategies which help you to get certified. You can use this information to secure your IT yourself or with experts hired by the organisation.
• If you need an outer body to review your security system, then you can go for the cyber essentials scheme.
• If you want to take your security check to the next level and be sure about them, then opt for cyber essentials plus scheme.

Certification Body and Processes:
Certification bodies are those that are authorised to certify organisations with cyber essentials badges. Bodies like IASME or Information Assurance for Small and Medium Enterprises, CREST, etc. are some of these accrediting bodies that offer independent assessment cyber essential certification.

All you need to do is to select a preferred certification body according to your security and certification need, that is, whether you need self-assessment or you want to leave this job to the external body entirely.

After taking a wise decision of the method and certification body, follow the below-given steps to secure your IT.

• After selecting the appropriate certification body through the accreditation body, check whether your organisation’s Information Technology can meet all the demands and requirements set by the cyber essentials. Before going to the next step make sure that you will be able to provide with evidence to prove that every need can be met.

• Having checked and verified every evidence that fill the requirements, then it’s time to answer the questionnaire provided by the certification body. After completing this questionnaire submit it to the entity which verifies the form and decides the certification.

This part is where the two types of certification method come out. If you have decided independent assessment of the security, then you can complete the questionnaire yourself checking every security breaches, vulnerabilities and requirements with organisation’s resources. A certification body will further review this questionnaire and so on.

The other option is to allow the certification body to check the security vulnerabilities and protection to fill out the questionnaire. This method will give you more confidence and peace of mind that your company is well protected.

Accreditation bodies like IASME will provide with the questionnaire that is given to you by the certification body for answering. They also regularly audit and verify the practices of these certification bodies, that is, whether they meet all the standards and requirements or not.

Make yourself trustable and attract more consumers to your venture through publicising the certification badge on your web pages. This will assure them that you take their privacy seriously.

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