Saturday, February 24

Hundreds of Travellers are Forced to Stay Overnight in Stranded Thalys

Hundreds of travellers spent the night in Thalys trains at Gare du Nord station in Paris. Three trains, with a total of about a thousand passengers, had to turn around on their journey to Brussels because of severe weather.


According to the eWorldNews, the trains had already been delayed for about two hours. When they still left, the bad weather did not allow us to drive at average speed. On the way, it turned out that the trains would not be able to enter the Belgian rail network because of work that started after midnight. Then it was decided to return to Paris.

Travellers from the Paris region could take a taxi home from Gare du Nord. A hotel room was booked for another 130 travellers, particular families with children and older adults.

Because there were no more hotel rooms to be had, about 250 passengers had to stay overnight on the train. They were given food and blankets.

At 06.00 this morning they left for Brussels. Because of damage to the French high-speed line, the train in France had to travel on a conventional track, and the journey took a lot longer. All duped travellers receive coupons for the Thalys.

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