Tuesday, February 20

Hundreds of Protesters Arrested in Hong Kong

At least 230 people were arrested during demonstrations in Hong Kong last weekend. The authorities announced this on Monday.


It is the first time that so many protesters have been arrested since the outbreak of the Hong Kong coronavirus. Among those arrested was a twelve-year-old boy.

The demonstrators took to the streets for the first time since the virus outbreak on April 26 to demonstrate against Carrie Lam’s government.

In the Mong Kok district, in particular, riot police acted hard on Saturday and Sunday. Among other things, it used batons and pepper spray against protesters.

Eighteen people had to go to the hospital.

According to the Hong Kong authorities, some protesters were also fined for failing to comply with the corona rules. It is illegal to gather in public with more than eight people in Hong Kong.

Protesters have long wanted Carrie Lam’s pro-Chinese government to step down.

The protests had previously largely stopped due to the coronavirus, but more and more angry people are now taking to the streets again.

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