Wednesday, February 28

Huawei is Testing its Own Search Engine in the Challenge to Google

After running its own application store and smartphone services, Huawei is also testing a search engine to be less dependent on Google.


The service is named Huawei Search and was noticed by users on Reddit. Huawei is currently looking for test users, and because the application file was easy to find, XDAdevelopers was able to study the app for a short time.

It is a search engine that is slightly more limited than Google, but that does index websites, videos, news and images and can also display information such as the weather forecast.

According to the terms of use, the app itself is a service from Aspiegel Limited, Huawei’s Irish subsidiary. With that, Huawei seems to focus not only on a Chinese but also on a European audience.

The search engine is in principle only available on a Huawei device. According to XDA, however, she was available via this URL, although it does not display a search engine at the time of writing.

At the insistence of the US government, Huawei will no longer have access to Google services such as Google Play and the services of Google on Android (such as the search engine).

The company, therefore, has its own AppGallery application store and its own services via Huawei Mobile Services. The search engine is probably a new step to being able to offer its devices without Google’s services.

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