Monday, February 19

Hong Kong Security Cheif Defends Controversial Extradition Law

The Hong Kong security Cheif is still behind the controversial extradition law that mass protests started exactly a year ago.


He says that in an interview with The South China Morning Post (SCMP).

John Lee Ka-Chiu says he still thinks the law is a good idea. “It was meant to extradite criminals wanted in another country.”

The concrete reason was the murder of a Hong Konger of his pregnant girlfriend in Taiwan. Legally, the man could not be extradited.

Many people in Hong Kong saw the law as an attempt by China to gain more influence in Hong Kong. Hong Kong has been a Chinese region with an autonomous government and special rules since 1997, which gives it more freedom.

Lee is disappointed with the violence of the protests and partly blames the United States and Taiwan. “Organizing massive protests requires planning and money.

The interference from the US and Taiwan has certainly given demonstrations a different character.”

On June 9, 2019, about 1 million people took to the streets to protest the extradition law. The law was repealed after months of demonstrations, but protests continued.

The protesters are against Beijing’s growing influence in Hong Kong. 8986 people were arrested in the past year, SCMP reports.

According to newspaper calculations, the police used 16,223 tear gas grenades, 10,108 rubber bullets and 19 real bullets in the past year.

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