Monday, February 26

Heidi Klum Is Celebrating A Wedding Party

Heidi Klum is Celebrating a Wedding Party on a Yacht. German top model Heidi Klum married her Tom Kaulitz in Italy on Saturday.


The two have been officially married since February, but have now only celebrated the marriage.

The two have celebrated their commitment to living on a luxury yacht in Capri.

The model had an extravagant strapless dress on them and wore a veil.

Tom, guitarist of the German rock band Tokio Hotel, wore a white suit with a blue blouse,

 as can be seen on photos held by People.

Both the parents of the 49-year-old model and her children were present at the ceremony.

She has two daughters Leni (15) and Lou (9) and two sons Henry (14) and Johan (12) from her marriage to singer Seal.

She has been married to him for seven years.

Heidi has been married once before, from 1997 to 2000 with stylist Ric Pipino.

Tom’s twin brother Bill, who is also in the band Tokio Hotel,

 was also present at the ceremony.

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