Wednesday, February 28

Harry And Meghan Watch Out For The Little Ones

Harry and Meghan watch out for the Little Ones. Prince Harry (34) and Meghan Markle (38) have recently been accused of hurling money, now watching the little ones.


They were spotted in a cafe where they ate a lunch of only fifteen pounds.

The couple was spotted last Sunday at the pub called The Rose & Crown in Winkfield village in Berkshire.

Little Archie was there too.

A guest in the cafe recognised the couple.

According to him, they were not appreciated by the other guests, but the staff did know who the special guests were.

They did not receive special treatment.

The cheap lunch is a stark contrast to the fuss Harry and Meghan got over them earlier this summer.

They flew with a private plane to Ibiza and southern France, and the renovation of their cottage cost millions.

The fuss about the private plane was not only about the costs but also about the impact of their trip on the environment.

The duke and duchess often devote themselves to the environment,

 but twice up and down with a private aircraft are not exactly good for the environment.

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