Monday, February 26

Group of Chinese Miners Found Dead After An Explosion

Rescue workers recovered the bodies of nine miners in China’s Shandong province. They got stuck more than half a kilometre underground after an explosion on January 10.


The authorities previously managed to get eleven other people out of the mine alive.

The rescue team chief said the nine miners were believed to have died in a second explosion. It happened when they tried to escape. The eleven survivors are not in danger of death, according to the authorities.

However, the condition of two of those miners is described as severe. This includes a person who had not eaten underground for two weeks. Other miners could be supplied through shafts.

The death toll from the mining disaster has risen to ten after the bodies were found. Another miner had also died earlier. One person is also missing.

China is more often startled by deadly mining accidents. Authorities registered 573 deaths related to mining operations last year.

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