Saturday, February 24

Greek Prime Minister Critical of Some Migrants in Lesvos

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has criticized the role of asylum seekers in the fires that reduced the Moria refugee camp on Lesvos.


The head of government criticized the “attitude of some migrants” who allegedly started fires and hindered the fire brigade in extinguishing it.

The overcrowded camp was quarantined last week after a 40-year-old man tested positive for the coronavirus. Follow-up tests showed on Tuesday that there were already 35 contamination cases among the more than 12,000 camp residents.

The health checks cannot be an excuse for “violent reactions,” Mitsotakis said. The fire shows that it cannot continue like this on Lesvos, he said. He asked for help from the other EU countries.

According to the Greek government, there have been no deaths and nothing is known about injuries. The government has declared a state of emergency on the island for the next four months. It is investigated how many people have become homeless.

According to Greek media, additional police have been sent to Lesvos to prevent migrants from reaching the island capital of Mytilene. Riot police are blocking the camp 400 meters from the camp, where some 4,000 people are said to be staying.

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