Tuesday, February 20

Governor Luhansk Calls on All Citizens to Flee

The governor of the eastern Ukrainian region of Luhansk is calling on all its residents to flee “while it is safe”. On Wednesday, five humanitarian corridors will open.


According to Ukrainian authorities, the Russian military that invaded the country is regrouping and preparing for another offensive in the Donbas. This area includes Luhansk and Donetsk, the two regions where pro-Russian separatists have fought the government army since 2014.

“We will take everyone out if the Russians allow us to go to the evacuation assembly points. Because, as you can see, they don’t always observe a ceasefire,” Governor Sergei Gaidai told Telegram. He calls on residents to take advantage of leaving Luhansk by bus and train.

Gaidai separately said in a video address that Russian forces failed to breach Ukrainian defences in his region but would destroy “everything in their path” and would “stop for nothing”. Separatists claimed control of almost all of Luhansk in late March. Before the war broke out, they controlled about a third of the region.

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