Monday, February 26

Google Still Comes With A Free Workspace Version for Companies

Small organizations that want to use Google Docs, Sheets or Meet without a subscription can now do so. The new offering replaces the discontinued G-Suite.


Last month, Google announced it would discontinue G-Suite, leaving users with Google Workspace, costing $6 per user per month. Now Google announces that it will also offer Workspace Essentials Starter.

The package contains Google Docs, Sheets, Chat and Meet and can also be used without a Gmail account. This means that it can easily be linked to company mailboxes that are not part of Google. Each user is given 15 gigabytes to store data.

There are limitations to the free service, such as less support, and teams are limited to 25 people. However, there are no restrictions on the number of teams in an organization. The feature will roll out globally this month.

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