Tuesday, February 20

Google is Said to be Working on A Competitor for TikTok

Google is said to be working on a competitor for TikTok. It comes as a function in the YouTube app.


Shots, as the future service would be called, are currently being developed and will be available by the end of this year. That writes The Information based on two sources. YouTube itself does not comment on the rumour.

It is not surprising that Google is working on such a competitor via YouTube. TikTok was the most downloaded app last year and is particularly popular with young people.

It mainly focuses on creating, uploading and viewing short videos.

As far as is known, Shots would not be available as a separate app but as a function in YouTube. Also, all music that Google has under license (almost all major music labels) could be used with the videos.

Whether such a counterfeit TikTok is successful is looking at coffee grounds. Sometimes a large technology company successfully makes its own copy of a popular app, sometimes that success fails to materialize.

For example, Google tried to copy Facebook a few years ago with its own social network Google+, but without much success. Facebook daughter Instagram, on the other hand, managed to copy Snapchat’s popular Stories feature and became even more popular.

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