Tuesday, February 27

“Google Comes With The New Cheap Smart Speaker”

“Google Comes with the New cheap Smart Speaker.” Google is working on a new, low-cost speaker that would get better audio quality than the predecessor Google Home Mini.


The new smart speaker, called Nest Mini, would also have a 3.5mm headphone jack,

 but it is not apparent whether it will be used for audio input or output.

The Mini could be hung on the wall and be provided with a motion sensor.

That sensor ensures that users can see the volume of the speaker when they are close.

Google Home becomes Google Nest
Google previously produced smart home products under the brand name “Google Home”.

Since the merger of the two hardware divisions of Google,

 the line continues under the Google Nest name.

All Nest products are equipped with the Google Assistant.

The original Google Home Mini mini speaker is the cheapest product in the line,

 but Google also sells Hub and Hub Max smart home screens.

Moreover, expected that the smart speaker in the United States to cost around 49 dollars again, the same as its predecessor.

It is not yet known when the speaker will be announced.

More is expected to be announced during a Google presentation about new hardware later this year.

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