Thursday, February 22

Google Allows Chrome Users To Scroll Through Tabs

Google allows Chrome users to Scroll through Tabs. In the next version of the Google Chrome browser, users can scroll tabs they have open.


According to the reports, One of Chrome’s developers confirms the scroll function.

It is still to know when the update will be available for the browser.

In the current version of Chrome, tabs are reduced further and further when new ones are opened.

If a user opened a lot of tabs, it is difficult to see which tab belongs to which website.

Other browsers, such as Firefox and Safari, already use a scroll function.

It makes tabs after a while no longer smaller, but users can scroll left and right through the bar to search open tabs.

Tabs are momentarily out of the picture if there is too much open.

The team behind Chrome is also working on a function to group tabs, developers recently wrote in a message.

Also, this function is not known when it will be added to the browser.

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