Ghost Boat with Human Remains Washes Up on Japanese Island

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On an island off the Japanese coast, the Japanese police made a particularly lurid find on a washed-up boat. The body remains of at least five people were found in the wooden hull.


The ‘ghost boat’ (or at least part of it) washed ashore yesterday on the island of Sado, northwest of the Japanese mainland (Niigata prefecture). He wore Korean characters on the side. The victims died a long time ago.

“The police found the heads of two people, and also five bodies,” said Kei Chinen of the coastal police. An investigation has been started.

It often happens that so-called ghost ships from North Korea wash ashore in Japan. They are usually empty, but sometimes they still contain human remains.

It is possible that the crew died due to hardship or bad weather, especially in the winter. It could then be poor fishermen who venture further and further into the sea.

But there are also rumours that it would be about spies or ‘apostates’ from the repressive regime of Kim Jong-un in North Korea. The tense relations between Japan and North Korea – due to the Korean missile program – will not make research more accessible.

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