Saturday, February 24

Germany: This is No Time For A Veto on the Rule of Law

Hungary and Poland must give up their opposition to the rule of law conditions for the European multiannual budget and the corona repair fund, Germany warns.


With a second wave of the corona pandemic sweeping across Europe, hurting the economy even more, “it is no time for vetoes,” European Affairs Minister Michael Roth said to consult with his European colleagues.

Budapest and Warsaw fulfilled their threats on Monday and blocked the 1.8 trillion euro EU budget from 2021 to 2027.

The other member states decided that recipients of EU subsidies will from now on be judged for their dealings with, for example, freedom of the press and independence of judges, and the two countries cannot live with that.

But it is time to “act quickly, in a spirit of solidarity,” said Roth, who chairs the consultations with EU ministers for European affairs. “Our citizens in all Member States count on our support. There are no excuses for any further delay.”

A solution to the stalemate is not yet in sight. On Thursday evening, the European leaders may consider it.

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