Monday, February 26

German Police Concerned Because People No Longer Accept Rules

The German police face “difficult and dangerous Easter days” because people no longer accept the corona restrictions. This is feared by the chairman of the German police union (DPolG), Rainer Wendt. He spoke to the newspaper Neuen Osnabrücker Zeitung.


Wendt foresees that even with “a burdensome effort” for police officers, it will be difficult because people are “becoming more and more nervous and aggressive”. And in many places in the country, it seems to be lovely weather.

In Munich, for example, expectations are sunny with temperatures above 20 degrees. The police there are busy arranging one hundred to two hundred extra police officers for the coming weekend.

Jürgen Köhnlein of the police union in Bavaria is afraid that the police will become the head of Jut when people start to express their dissatisfaction with politicians and corona measures towards police. Köhnlein expects that there will be many demonstrators in the city, in addition to many recreationists in squares and parks.

The police in Stuttgart is counting on a significant demonstration of at least 5000 people on Saturday. The Querdenker (Cross Thinkers) movement originates from this city, which celebrates its first birthday and has been arguing against corona measures for a year.

Querdenker argues that the restrictions violate fundamental rights and that the corona measures are more harmful than the coronavirus’s danger. There are also counter-demonstrations, including the anti-fascist movement Antifa.

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