Saturday, February 24

German Health Minister Spahn Votes Against Compulsory Vaccination

German Health Minister Jens Spahn says he will vote against universal vaccination in parliament. The Rheinische Post newspaper reports that Spahn, a member of the Christian Democratic CDU, said on Friday morning that he is very sceptical about the mandatory vaccination of people.


“I have always said that there will be no compulsory vaccination, and that remains my starting point,” said the minister. However, Spahn said afterwards that there is a very good chance that the vaccination obligation will be passed in parliament because most members of the Bundestag are in favour.

Spahn is still a minister, but the new cabinet will be installed on Wednesday and is no longer part of it. He is then an average member of parliament and can therefore vote.

On Thursday, Chancellor Angela Merkel and her intended successor Olaf Scholz announced an agreement to introduce mandatory vaccination against the coronavirus in February 2022. In addition, several strict measures were announced for people who have not been vaccinated. For example, only vaccinated or recently cured people can go to the catering industry and non-essential shops.

Spahn called those measures “just”. “If all adult Germans had been vaccinated, we would not be in this situation now.”

During Friday’s press conference, Spahn also said there are enough doses of the corona vaccines to boost 30 million people before Christmas. “If this number is not reached, it is not due to the stock of vaccines.”

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