Saturday, February 24

Gas Stations are Empty in Portugal due to Announced Strike

In Portugal, many petrol stations are already empty, because motorists have come to refuel their tank in the last hours because a strike by the oil carriers will start tomorrow.


“Empty” is written on the posters at the pumps in Lisbon and elsewhere in the country. “Motorists have anticipated massively, as fuel sales have doubled in the last few days compared to normal,” said Prime Minister Antonio Costa.

About 15 percent of 3,000 gas stations in the country is entirely exhausted, reports a website that tracks this data. From midnight a strike starts with which the trade unions want to force a salary increase.

The government has announced several rules. For example, until August 21, the volume of fuel that someone can purchase is limited to 25 litres per car and 100 litres per truck.

Besides, carriers are required to provide a minimum service whereby they are required to deliver half of the fuel that they usually offer.

Only 374 stations designated by the government will be 100 percent supplied. Of these, 50 will deliver priority vehicles. There are also exceptions for airports and order services.

If the minimum service would not be guaranteed, 500 soldiers and state guards are ready to drive tankers that will then take over.

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