Thursday, February 22

French President Reverses Nuclear Power Plant Expansion

On closer inspection, France is going to invest heavily in nuclear energy. President Emmanuel Macron presents major plans to build more nuclear reactors in eastern Belfry.


Nearly five years ago, Macron gradually got rid of nuclear power plants in the country, but now 50 billion euros is being pumped into the construction of six new EPR-type plants to start with.

The six should be ready in 2045. But according to Macron, it doesn’t stop there. After that, eight more are to be built between 2050 and 2065 for an estimated 100 billion euros.

The ambitious approach is partly inspired by the intention to emit fewer greenhouse gases, the increasing demand for energy, and the significant decrease in nuclear energy production in recent years. Twelve of the 56 existing nuclear reactors are currently out of operation—seven for maintenance, five for defects.

According to French media, France has not produced so little nuclear energy in thirty years, and therefore production should be increased by 66 percent by 2045.

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