Tuesday, February 20

French Parks and Markets Remain Open

France’s parks will remain open, as will food markets, a government spokesman confirms. The parks were also closed to the public during the previous lockdown.


President Macron said on Wednesday that a new strict lockdown is needed to counter the sharp rise in the number of confirmed corona infections.

The economy is again in no small extent paralyzed by the closure of all ‘non-essential’ businesses, including the hospitality industry.

The population is placed under ‘house arrest’, but is allowed to walk or exercise for an hour close to home.

In contrast to the lockdown earlier this year, crèches and schools will remain open. It is still unclear whether parents who bring or collect children to school should have documents with them to prove what they are doing.

In the French lockdown, people must be able to prove why they need to be away from home. French Prime Minister Jean Castex explains the new measures at 6.30 p.m.

He argues that the second wave of the dreaded virus could be more deadly than the first.

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