Monday, February 26

French Constitutional Court Approves Corona Pass Subject to Conditions

The French Constitutional Court approves the controversial corona vaccination pass, but subject to conditions. For example, the measure should end when it is no longer necessary, and an exception should apply for political meetings.


The pass will be put into use from the following Monday. The measure ensures that only people over 16 who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus have access to, for example, catering and cinemas. Previously, proof of a negative test was enough to be allowed in.

If the pandemic poses a lesser risk to public health, the pass will be cancelled. This involves looking at the pressure on hospitals.

The French parliament approved the pass on Sunday, but the rule could not be implemented until the Constitutional Court gave the green light. The announcement of the pass sparked anti-government protests in France. Dozens of politicians received threats.

In late December, opponents of the legislation set fire to a parliamentarian’s car and garage, writing ‘Vote No’ on his house.

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