Saturday, February 24

French Band Makes Music Dangling Over Chinese Mountain

French Band Makes Music Dangling Over Chinese Mountain. Playing well is not for everyone. Playing the trumpet and at the same time not playing the tightrope at all. Except for the musicians of the French band Houle Douce: They play every note cleanly while they balance on strings at an altitude of 1400 meters.


In China, the band gained admiration and appreciation for their exceptional performance over the cliffs of Tianmen Mountain, says eBuzzFeed.

There they gave an ode to the traditional Chinese folk songs, but with a French touch:
Production at the height of 1400 meters, balancing on a cord.

The musicians did wear safety equipment so that they would not fall to pieces if they lost their balance. In addition to making music, they also played tricks on the ropes.

For the French band, this was the debut in China. The members combine extreme sports with music and have already established their lines above high flats in Ivory Coast, Azerbaijan and Marseille, in sailing masts and high above mountain areas such as the Alps and the Verdon.

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