Tuesday, February 27

France Starts Lawsuit Against Britons Over Fishing Licenses

In January, the French government will start a lawsuit against the United Kingdom to enforce more fishing licenses for British waters. The countries have been at odds about permits for some time.


A few weeks ago, the British issued even more permits to accommodate French fishermen. Although according to France, there were not enough, they are now at 93 percent of the target number. The British say they have licensed all fishermen who fished in British waters before Brexit and who properly applied.

French European Affairs Minister Clement Beaune said in an interview with France 2 television on Thursday that consultations will be held at the European level on 4 January about the permits. Shortly afterwards, the case is started to enforce the permits at a “special tribunal”, according to the minister.

The dispute has heated up several times in recent months. For example, both France and the United Kingdom once sent naval ships to the waters around the Channel Island of Jersey. France also threatened to stop supplying that island with electricity.

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