Tuesday, February 20

Former Prime Minister Scotland Sets Up Party to Thwart Prime Minister

Former Scottish Prime Minister Alex Salmond is participating with a new party in the parliamentary elections in May. With his Alba party, he will strive for an independent Scotland.


He could thus become a competitor of his former party member, current Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon. The two were once allies, but an abusive affair has turned them into bitter enemies.

Salmond was previously a member of the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP). As the leader of this party, he was Prime Minister of Scotland from 2007 to 2014. After the Scots voted against independence from the United Kingdom in a referendum, he stepped down as government and party leader.

The politician sat in parliament for a few years after his resignation but was mainly negative in the news because of an abusive affair. Several women said Salmond tried to rape or assault them. He was acquitted in a criminal case last year.

Salmond’s successor Sturgeon was under fire this week for the way she handled the affair. Independent investigators cleared her of misconduct on Monday, but a parliamentary committee ruled a day later that the SNP leader had given parliament “false and misleading information”.

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