Tuesday, February 20

Former Manager Stands Up For Michael Jackson

Former Manager stands up for Michael Jackson. Raymone K. Bain, the former manager of Michael Jackson, responded for the first time to the negativity surrounding the King of Pop that flared up earlier this year by the abusive documentary Leaving Neverland.


The spokeswoman thinks it is terrible that Jackson’s legacy is smeared while he can no longer defend himself,

 she said Thursday during a press conference.

“This is morally, ethically and even legally wrong,”

 said the American about the film in which two men claim to have been abused by the singer at a young age.

“Michael Jackson was a musical genius.

He is not a punching bag and deserves better.

He already knew that after his death, based on the experiences during his life, he would also be a target.

But that is no longer enough, and enough is enough. “

Raymond also says that in the eight years she has worked intensively with Jackson,

 she has “never seen inappropriate behaviour toward children.”

“My team and I could never work for him or turn a blind eye if they were.”

The American also has no right word to say about the heirs of the singer,

 who have been responsible for his legacy since his death in 2009.

In particular, the fact that they have sold the 4000 songs that Jackson owned for hundreds of millions of dollars to Sony is something she cannot.

“Since his death, nothing has been done to protect his name and musical legacy,” she says.

“Do you know a school, hospital or organisation that bears his name or started in his name?”

Because Raymone would like to do something to honour her former employer,

 she started the Establishment Michael Jackson Legacy Foundation, she announced.

“To protect his legacy and to support organisations.

With this foundation, we hope to continue his good name.”

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