Monday, February 19

Firefox Stops Using Password Manager

Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox browser, among other things, is ending Lockwise. The app will disappear next month.


Lockwise is a ‘password manager app’ with which you can synchronize passwords to your smartphone. The app will disappear from the iOS and Android app stores on December 13, Mozilla announced in a help article.

The app will continue to work but will no longer receive security updates, which is more or less the death knell for a password manager.

The app has been around since 2018 but apparently failed to garner a very large following. Mozilla indicates that if you want to use passwords and automatic forms stored in the Firefox browser, it is best to use the Firefox app itself.

The browser is set to get a password manager on iOS soon, and Mozilla appears to be planning to integrate some of Lockwise’s features into its browser across multiple platforms.

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