Saturday, February 24

Finnish Prime Minister Calls for Tougher Approach to Blackmailer Russia

Finland’s prime minister has called in the European Parliament for more tough sanctions against Russia, which is “extorting the EU with energy supplies”.

According to Sanna Marin, ordinary Russian citizens should also feel the consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in their daily lives and not just circle around President Vladimir Putin.

She also called for unity within the EU, where high energy prices have led to differences of opinion on how to approach this. “The EU must stand on its own two feet as soon as possible when it comes to its energy supply,” Marin said. “Extortion of our society through energy is a way for Russia to crumble our support for Ukraine and destroy our unity.”

“The winter will be tough, and inflation will be a test for society. But our support for Ukraine must continue,” said the 36-year-old Finnish. She said the European Union “should have acted much harder and more decisively” when Russia annexed the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea in 2014. “We would have been stronger by now,” she said, possibly not even making it to the invasion at the end of February.

Finland shares a 1340-kilometer border with Russia. Shortly after the invasion, the country decided to join NATO.

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