Saturday, February 24

Facebook Says Goodbye to the Name Oculus

Facebook says goodbye to the name Oculus. Much of the company’s VR technology gets the Facebook label, including the user conference.


In addition, new headsets will be required to use a Facebook account.

Six years after Facebook bought the VR start-up Oculus for two billion dollars, the company seems ready to say goodbye to the brand. For example, on September 16, Oculus Connect will be rebranded as Facebook Connect.

The conference, which will take place online this year, should bring news and developments in VR and AR. The entire Oculus VR department will also be renamed and now part of Facebook Reality Labs.

The change from Oculus to Facebook has been going on for a while and follows the decision that users of Oculus headsets will no longer be able to use their specific Oculus account to log into the game system’s social services.

A Facebook account is required for new headsets.

That decision caused some consternation among users, partly because of Facebook’s privacy reputation, but also because Facebook requires you to attach your entire identity to your games, something that not everyone wants to do.

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