Tuesday, February 27

Facebook Rebrands Its Digital Currency Calibra As Novi

Facebook Rebrands Its Digital Currency Calibra As Novi. Calibra, Facebook’s digital wallet for digital coins, will continue under the name Novi.


The digital money exchange remains unchanged. Facebook launched its virtual currency Libra last year while working on a digital portfolio that is now changing name and logo.

An apparent reason for this change is not given.

The Novi concept has already been adapted for the name change. The digital portfolio was initially intended for Libra. Meanwhile, the platform will also include multiple virtual coins.

Facebook emphasizes in its communication that it builds in fraud protection with Libra and Novi, that users are monitored and that there is also chat support and a help desk for any problems.

This is no coincidence since governments and financial regulators have criticized the virtual currency from the start.

Of the various partners who initially signed up for the project, several big names (including Visa and Mastercard) have already left, although new partners have also been added.

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