Monday, February 26

EU No Longer Wants Corona Vaccine Valneva, Company Makes Recovery Plan

The European Commission wants to get rid of a conditional agreement on purchasing corona vaccines from the French manufacturer Valneva. The company has not been able to obtain approval for the vaccine in time, which is why cancelling the contract.


Valneva says it is working on a “recovery plan” in hopes of salvaging the deal. The vaccine maker also wants to discuss with individual EU member states that are still interested. The corona vaccine was traditionally made based on harmless virus particles that activate the immune system.

For some people who are sceptical about the mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna or who reacted hypersensitivity to them on the first shot, for example, this vaccine might be acceptable. This also applies to Novavax’s vaccine, which is based on proteins from the coronavirus. That, too, is a technique tried and tested for decades.

The EU signed a conditional contract with Valneva last year. Provided the vaccine works well and is found safe by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), member states could order 27 million doses of it this year. However, the EU can terminate the agreement if the vaccine has not received a positive assessment by April 30, 2022. That did not work out, and on May 13, Valneva was informed that the executive board of the EU plans to dissolve the deal. According to the agreements, the manufacturer then has thirty days to develop a plan. However, the EU says it still wants to look into it.

Valneva sent information about the vaccine to the EMA at the beginning of May. The company assumes that they “adequately answer” the evaluators’ open questions. If so, Valneva expects to receive regulatory approval by June.

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