EU Imposes A Fine of 1.49 Billion Euros On Google

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EU Imposes a fine of 1.49 billion Euros on Google for abuse of Power. The European Commission has imposed a new fine on Google, this time for preventing competing advertisers.


The search giant must, therefore, pay 1.49 billion euros.

Commissioner Margrethe Vestager (Competition) declared the fine on Wednesday morning.

The European Commission states that AdSense, the advertising branch of Google, has abused its power for more than ten years.

The European Commission has fined Google for abusing its dominant position when offering online advertisements in the search engine,” writes Vestager.

“The company has shielded itself from competitors. That is illegal in Europe.”

The EU sued Google in 2016 for abuse of power on the advertising platform.

Websites that wanted to place a Google search bar on their pages would, since 2006,

 be obliged to only place ads through AdSense.

Competitors such as Microsoft and Yahoo were unable to purchase advertising space.

Placing advertisements competitors in 2009 allowed
The rules were relaxed in 2009. Placing advertisements from competing advertisers was then allowed,

 but websites had to set a minimum number of ads from Google.

The company wholly phased out the policy in 2016.

In a statement, Google states “to always strive for a healthy market that offers a solution for everyone”.

“We have already made adjustments to mitigate the concerns of the European Commission.

In the coming months, we will implement more changes to make European rivals more visible.”

Two earlier high fines
The European Commission has imposed a high penalty on Google twice before.

In 2017, the company had to pay a fine of 2.4 billion euros,

 because the company pulled its product comparator into the results of its search engine.

A year later it became out that Google would have abused its dominant position with the mobile operating system Android.

According to the EU, the company would have given itself an improper advantage.

When purchasing the Android operating system, telephone makers were also required to buy other Google services.

For that, Google was fined 4.34 billion euros.

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