Saturday, February 24

EU and US Find A Way Out of Conflict Over Data Exchange

The European Union and the United States have made new, stricter privacy agreements that should make the transfer of European personal data possible again.


Unfortunately, the previous ones were brushed aside by the European courts for failing to protect Europeans enough.

The agreement in principle was signed on Friday by President Ursula von der Leyen and US President Joe Biden, who is visiting Brussels. The deal would allow data to flow freely to the US again, for example, posts on social media or the personnel administration of a branch of an American company in the EU.

Negotiations on new, stricter rules dragged on for almost two years. Brussels rejected an earlier American proposal.

Businesses began to feel the lack of agreements, and major US internet companies were already hinting at leaving the EU. So far, many companies have not adhered to the judgment of the European Court of Justice, and regulators have often condoned this.

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