Thursday, February 22

Erdogan Wants to Hurry With Censorship Law for Social Media

Turkey is going to introduce legislation that will empower the government to monitor and close social media platforms.


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on Wednesday to accelerate plans after he and his family were offended on social media.

Finance Minister and son-in-law of Erdogan Berat Albayrak on Tuesday reported the birth of his fourth child. His wife Esra was subsequently insulted by some users of the platform, who were therefore arrested.

While addressing members of his AK party, Erdogan repeatedly said he wants to introduce new rules to curb social media. According to Erdogan, there is an increase in “immoral behaviour”, which he says is the result of a lack of rules.

“Those platforms do not suit this country. We want to close them, check them by submitting a bill to parliament as soon as possible,” said the president.

He wants to oblige social media platforms to be legally and fiscally represented in Turkey so that they fall under the scope of Turkish law. “If the regulations are in place, we are going to ban access, legal and tax penalties.”

The AK party has previously made such a proposal in law on economic measures against the corona crisis. Although the proposal was withdrawn, the opposition already warned that the recommendations would remain on the AK party’s agenda.

Erdogan was furious on Twitter last month when the platform removed over 7,000 fake accounts that spread government propaganda.

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