Wednesday, February 28

Emotet Botnet Reappears With A Spam Campaign

Emotet, one of the world’s most massive botnets, has picked up again after five months.


The botnet currently sends hundreds of thousands of spam messages every day, trying to install ransomware and other malware through a loophole.

The main target of the spam is people in the US and the UK. That reports security company Proofpoint.

The botnet was one of the most widely distributed malware in the world at the beginning of this year.

It spreads via spam emails containing a malicious document or another file that installs the Emotet vulnerability when you activate it.

In February, researchers reported that the botnet in its spam campaign exploited the coronavirus to entice more people to click on its messages. In that campaign, it sent some 1.8 million messages over a five-day period.

The most important way to prevent emotet is to open the attachments of the mails either not or in some sandbox environment.

For example, anyone who opens Word documents from mails via Google Docs will avoid installing any malware that is in the document on the computer.

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