Monday, February 26

Dropbox Sees Many Paying Customers To Grow

Dropbox Sees many Paying customers to Grow by Two million in Years. Dropbox has seen the number of paying customers to grow by two million in a year.


The cloud storage service now has 11.9 million paying users.

That made the company known in the presentation of its figures for the second quarter of 2018.

The growth means an improvement of 20.2 percent. A year ago, Dropbox still had 9.9 million paying customers.

Turnover in the second quarter amounted to 264 million pounds, 27 percent more than in the same period a year earlier.

Despite, the company still experienced a loss of 3 million pounds. A year earlier that was still 20 million pounds.

Dropbox went to the stock exchange in March and had been needed to report on the company’s use and economic health every quarter.

It is Thursday for the second time that Dropbox publishes financial figures.

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