Monday, February 26

Drone Attack on American Bases in Iraq: Revenge of Soleimani

Two armed drones have been shot down in Iraq as they approached a base carrying US troops. That happened exactly two years after the influential Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, killed by an American drone near Baghdad.


Monday’s attack, according to insiders, took place near the international airport of the Iraqi capital. A source told Reuters news agency that air defences could bring down the unmanned “suicide drones” without any problems. However, the wing of one of the aircraft reportedly had “Soleimani’s revenge” written on it.

The death of Soleimani, leader of the secretive al-Quds unit, has heightened tensions between the US and Iran in 2020. Then-US President Donald Trump had approved his liquidation, after which a drone opened fire on the Iranian’s convoy. Iran then retaliated by launching rocket attacks on US targets in neighbouring Iraq.

Responsibility for Monday’s attack has not yet been claimed. However, hundreds of pro-Iranian militias had gathered at Baghdad airport on Sunday. They came to commemorate Soleimani’s death and chanted anti-American slogans.

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