Wednesday, February 28

Dozens Arrested in Turkey During Demonstrations During Gezi Protest Commemoration

Dozens of people were arrested on Tuesday evening in demonstrations to mark the ninth anniversary of the Gezi protests in Turkey. In Istanbul alone, 169 people were detained by the police, lawyer Ezgi Önalan said on Wednesday.


Four of them have not yet been released. She accuses the police of illegally acting and using tear gas against the protesters.

The protests in 2013 revolved around the government’s plans to develop a district around Taksim Square, in central Istanbul. This would mean that one of the last green spaces in the city, the Gezi Park, would disappear. Police violently dispersed a peaceful sit-in to protest the disappearance of Gezi Park, which sparked anti-government protests across the country.

It was then the largest mobilization against the then Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Numerous people are in Turkish prisons for taking part in the protests.

On Tuesday evening, smaller groups had shouted the slogan “Everywhere is Taksim, everywhere there is resistance” near Taksim Square. The police broke up the protests with sometimes brutal actions, as a DPA reporter on the spot was able to determine. People also took to the streets in many other cities.

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