Saturday, February 24

Donald Trump wants to Withdraw from United Nations Arms Trade Treaty

US President Donald Trump wants to withdraw the US approval of the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). During an event organised by the arms lobby organisation NRA, he signed a letter on Friday calling on Congress to end the ratification process.


The US had agreed to the treaty during the presidency of Barack Obama with a total of 154 countries but never ratified it.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, one hundred countries are now fully part of the 2013 agreement, which aims to limit and regulate arms deliveries across borders. This includes, among other things, small arms and rocket launchers.

“Americans live by American laws, not by the laws of other countries,” Trump said.

He promised the arms lobby not to interfere with the right to gun ownership that is enshrined in the American constitution. “I hope you are happy,” the president said.

The NRA has long opposed the Arms Trade Treaty and claims it violates the rights of arms holders, even though the US has never ratified the agreement.

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