Saturday, February 24

Doctor Navalny Gets Year-Long Restrictions on Freedom

Anastasia Vasiljeva has been given freedom restrictions by a Russian judge for a year because she had broken corona rules.


According to her lawyer, it is not yet known exactly what those measures entail. Vasilyeva has regularly treated Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny as a doctor and is himself critical of President Vladimir Putin.

Vasiljeva was sentenced for calling on people to take part in demonstrations against the detention of Navalny last year. The Russian authorities had banned such gatherings due to the corona rules in force.

While waiting for the trial, Vasiljeva has been under house arrest for a while. She is the top woman of a doctors’ union that regularly criticized the Kremlin and Putin.

Among other things, the organization raised the alarm about shortages of protective equipment for medical personnel during the corona crisis.

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