Monday, February 26

Denmark Wants to Get Rid of Restrictions, Despite an Increase in Corona Cases

The Danish government has confirmed that it wants to lift all domestic corona measures next week, despite the rapid rise in corona infections. Minister of Health Magnus Heunicke informs parliament in writing that experts’ recommendations are being followed.


Denmark had already relaxed its corona policy about two weeks ago. Then, for example, cinemas and museums could open their doors again. However, other rules remained in effect. So, for example, catering businesses still have to deal with adjusted opening hours.

Parliament still has to approve the further relaxation of measures. After that, nightclubs can open again, and Danes no longer have to wear mouth caps on public transport. Stores, therefore, no longer have to limit the number of customers. However, rules still apply to international travellers.

The planned relaxation coincides with a rapid increase in the number of corona cases. Denmark registered 46,590 new infections on Tuesday. However, that number is just below the peak of last Friday, when 47,831 corona cases were identified.

Danish experts do not see this as an obstacle to postponing easing. This month, government medical advisers pointed to a change in the link between infections and hospitalizations. While the number of corona cases continued to rise rapidly, the number of corona patients in intensive care fell from 82 on January 6 to 44 on Tuesday.

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