Thursday, February 22

Denmark is Having Digital Corona Passport Developed

Denmark comes with a digital corona passport. This way, Danes can also show that they have been vaccinated against the coronavirus abroad.


The development of the passport can take up to three to four months, according to the Ministry of Finance.

“It is crucial for us that we can restart Danish society and that companies can get back to work,” said Acting Finance Minister Morten Bodskov. The head of the Danish Chamber of Commerce called the project “light at the end of the tunnel” for many companies.

The authorities expect that by the end of February, people will be able to consult a website that officially documents that they have had a corona vaccine. Danes may also have had a statement for months stating that they have been tested negative for the virus.

Denmark, with nearly 6 million inhabitants, is one of the leaders in vaccination in Europe. 4.88 percent of the population has already had at least one shot, according to a survey by news site Politico.

Only Malta and the United Kingdom score better. The Netherlands is one of the last ones on that list.

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