Monday, February 26

Death Toll in Florida Flat Collapses to 32 and First Victims Buried Today

After the collapse of an apartment complex in Surfside near Miami, the confirmed death toll has risen to 32. The identity of 26 victims has been established. The first victims are buried today. It concerns a couple with two daughters aged 4 and 10.


Hopes of finding survivors are gone. The number is possibly missing stands at 113. Still, Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava said only 70 people were confirmed to be inside the building when it partially collapsed on June 24.

Rescuers resumed the search for victims yesterday, after a break to take down the unstable remains of the complex with the help of explosives. This happened partly because of a tropical storm that could endanger the salvage work. Since then, five bodies have been recovered.

The part of the collapsed apartment complex that was still standing was demolished on Sunday evening (local time). This had to be done because it was feared that this part would collapse otherwise.

As a result, rescuers now hope to gain better access to parts of the building that could not yet be searched, such as the garage.

Holes were drilled in the beams of the complex, into which explosives were then placed. These were detonated in a controlled manner, causing the building to collapse within a limited area. Demolition was also rushed because a tropical storm is on the way.

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