Tuesday, February 20

Dead and Injured in Attack on Military Hospital in Kabul

At least 15 people were killed and 34 injured in an attack on the largest military hospital in the Afghan capital, Kabul. Two explosions took place, after which unknown persons also fired shots.


The Taliban confirmed that there were explosions at the entrance of the 400-bed hospital. However, a source within that group released figures on the casualties after an official spokesperson announced that there had been no further details about the deaths.

Taliban special forces have been sent to the hospital. A doctor in the building has told the AFP news agency that shots are being fired in the hospital. “I think the attackers are moving from room to room, just like the first time it was attacked,” the doctor said.

The hospital was attacked in 2017 by gunmen dressed as medical personnel. At least thirty people were killed.

Since August, the Taliban, who have returned to power in Afghanistan, have been dealing with bloody attacks by a local branch of the Islamic State (IS). It is not known whether that organization is also behind the attack on the military hospital. Any group has not yet claimed it.

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