Monday, February 26

Corruption Case Against Former President Sarkozy Has Been Suspended

The trial of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy that started Monday has been postponed to November 26.


Sarkozy, who is on trial for corruption along with lawyer Thierry Herzog and judge Gilbert Azibert, was present in court on Monday.

Sarkozy, the president of France between 2007 and 2012, is accused of conspiracy related to the use of Libyan funds for his 2007 election campaign, passive corruption, profiting from misappropriated public money and illegal campaign financing.

A lawyer for Azibert asked for the trial to be suspended because his client would be at increased risk for Covid-19 due to his heart condition. Judges will decide on Thursday whether to continue or suspend the trial after an independent medical examination.

Sarkozy faces a prison sentence of up to ten years and a fine of one million euros. He fiercely contests the accusations.

In March 2021, Sarkozy is due to appear in court again, along with 13 others. During his unsuccessful re-election in 2012, campaign finance rules were alleged to have been violated.

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